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4/1/05 08:37 pm - dramedy - something to ask and stuff

meaning i have TOTALLY just got a bunch of layouts for my website downloaded. chock full of anime goodness.
why am i telling you all this and how is it HP related?
i was just wondering what y'all would want out of my website or whatever..and if anyone has any ideas for othr layouts i should find/make...i used to be really good at html...not so anymore though.. ah well.
anyway. oh, and if y'all know where to find some HP layouts, that is SO going to be my july layout. XD XD

Thanks to Panda for this site and shit.
yes, AND SHIT!

3/29/05 11:40 pm - tribalpanda - Just so you know

SBMB is back up and running

3/29/05 01:41 pm - tribalpanda - WOO!

Ok, so I am bored out of my mind today, so I thought I would throw a little celebration for KAI because she was the first awesome badger to join

For her joining, she gets this lovely badger as an inscentive:

3/29/05 11:50 am - tribalpanda - Come one, come all

Hiya HP girls :)
After being ticked off by the fact that SBMB is always down, I started this...and viola! Come in, check it out(ok, there isn't much at the moment).

I threw the layout together, so if you want something else, let me know.

what are you waiting for? JOIN.

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