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Final Reminder..

Just to say this is a Final reminder to say that I will annouce the Results of the HP'er badgerette awards 2005! Just waiting on four people to vote...these people being..

Jen,Sakina,Raine and Tammi! Let me know if you can't vote or what. Also...does anyone know who..this email addy belongs to ??

They voted in the awards just duno who they are to mark them of the list ov those who have voted!

Thankyou to all your votes!! GD didn't even have awards this year,well not yet anyway..and WE did!! Thus we have the best section! Well I knew that anyway...*burps*

*glomps everyone*

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*bounces* Now I'm GIDDY!!!

IT'S SEAN! *coughs* Cause he thinks he's a viper.

I'm so dissoriented today. *sighs*

Deleted comment

vipur_girl is Angie!!

And Rainie is in Italy so I dunno if she'd have time to vote

Oh can't wait for the results!!

*jumps up and down like a twat*

I won!! yipppppeeeeeee!

I thank you all!