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By Request of the marfy one's

Okies! keep those votes coming in lol...(can't believe she just said that)'s a list of everyone who can vote and be voted for.

One person voted for a GD'er,well...there not HP'ers but since this badger is wildly known for being marfy (Fion) i'll let it pass...just this once though!

Badgers Names

ME! (Carol is my name if ya didn't know...Ooo you can also vote the Beard and The Stick as seperate people if ya want.)

Corinne,Kai,Panda,Ash,Peita,Flibberty bobs,Raine,Liz,Angie,Lis,Lauren,Sakina,Patty,Dani,Abby,Elle,Peachers,Mara,Jen,Ale,Viry,Tammi and Amber Oo and Jo.

Think that's everyone,if I've missed anyone out you can think of then let me know.

Thankya! and email to either OR

El Beardo...your awards master. *nods*

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