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Not long to go!

Why hello HP'ers! my first time posting here!!

Anywho...just figured I would post to confirm that the HP awards will be held on June 15th! i'll post the categories in the HP section and here too on that day. Then as usual you will copy/paste the categories into an email to me with whomever you picked for each category.


1.Every category has to be answered,it makes things much easier!
2.If you have trouble picking one person then you are allowed during the 1st round of nominations to pick 2 people for a category.
3.Have your nominations into me by June 26th.
4.You don't need to nominate if you don't have the time or if your going away like our dear Raine. It's perfectly cool.
5.You can only nominate HP'ers,which is those badgers who post in the HP section on a semi regular basis. I'll post all names of everyone who can be nominated incase you end up forgetting everyone.
6.and the FINAL rule is...*drum roll* Panda smells.

Carol aka "The Beard"
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