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LJ icon/banner ideas?

Didyou all see what I posted on the boards?

myidea, I wanna make some icons and banners. I had the idea of making a collage slide icon of all of us. so like, for the one slide i made for carol, it says "a beard". and Kai's says "a dragon and her child..." and peachers..."A peach..." mine "a Luv-ly girl..."

all i want,
Feedback-what you REALLY think
Pictures-either of you, or something to represent you.
what you would like your slide to say(short and simple please. see examples)
ideas-what would you like to have me make, iconwise? any banners? be my muses, giveme ideas, and i will create.

i gotta go! I'm going to tokyo! and DISNEY SEA! *fangirls Disney like the sad little girl she is inside*...
I have tink pajama pants.

I'll see you all sunday/monday night<3

Luv, AKA Lauren Reid
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