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Hey sexy ladies!

Hello all. I thought I would introduce myself seeing how you guys probably don't know who I am. I am none other than the one...the only... Peanut the Mexican! And I've come to join the party! *dances on the table* Just wanted to say hi to you all so ummm...HI! Okay gotta go to work in a bit so I'm off to get ready. Later!

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are you really from México? or is it just a nickname? because i live in Monterrey :)
She's now The Mexican cause I told her that the name Peanut reminded me of the chipmunk that snuck into our garage. We named it Peanut the Mexican. Long story. Then we made a song about it. Good times.

Deleted comment

Horatio what a cute name!
aw, just when I thought I had found a fellow comadre!

Anyway that chipmunk thing ounds like a lot of fun.

My yard has a nest of squirrels in it. I didn't name them though...maybe i should...
what about I know! you can name them Mary Kate and Ashley or Venus and Serena if there are two girl-squirrels!
ounds = sounds

In my mind, at least. Darn my slow fingers.
Well I am Mexican but was born in Oklahoma. My dad's from San Isidro. Do you know where that is? I think it's like a couple of hour away from you. I've always wanted to visit Monterrey. My dad's sister's husband is from there.
Um, it doesn't sound familiar, but then again, I completely and truly suck at geography, so...

Isn't San Isidro more like at the center of México? 'cause Monterrey is more like in the north.

There's nothing really spectacular about Monterrey, but it's always fun to see new places and hang around with your family.

Oh, and before I forget: Welcome!!!, because I'm dumb and forgetful and I didn't told you in your first comment.
San Isidro is like 4 hours aways from you. At least that's what my mom's says. It's a very small town. You have to get off the pave road to get there.
Welcome Peanut!
*giggle* tis theLuv Badger. XD join in the fun!
Hey you...I don't know you like at all lol..but HEY!

I don't know you either but Hi there and welcome to this community thingy!
Thanks for the welcomes you guys. Yeah, well, I don't pot much on the boards. Just here and there every once in a while.