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You wish you could be here.

2/10/07 05:27 pm - nsrawther - hello?

anyone home??

7/1/06 10:50 pm - magicgurl

Why is it that nobody write or update here?
I think that with the boards now... dead, we can come here and write or something...

c'u around


3/4/06 03:03 pm - eileenthepeach - ...


(It needed to be done.)

6/19/05 06:18 pm - my_hatterness - Final Reminder..

Just to say this is a Final reminder to say that I will annouce the Results of the HP'er badgerette awards 2005! Just waiting on four people to vote...these people being..

Jen,Sakina,Raine and Tammi! Let me know if you can't vote or what. Also...does anyone know who..this email addy belongs to Viper_gurl@hotmail.com ??

They voted in the awards just duno who they are to mark them of the list ov those who have voted!

Thankyou to all your votes!! GD didn't even have awards this year,well not yet anyway..and WE did!! Thus we have the best section! Well I knew that anyway...*burps*

*glomps everyone*

6/7/05 02:15 pm - my_hatterness - By Request of the marfy one's

Okies! keep those votes coming in lol...(can't believe she just said that) anywho..here's a list of everyone who can vote and be voted for.

One person voted for a GD'er,well...there not HP'ers but since this badger is wildly known for being marfy (Fion) i'll let it pass...just this once though!

Badgers Names

ME! (Carol is my name if ya didn't know...Ooo you can also vote the Beard and The Stick as seperate people if ya want.)

Corinne,Kai,Panda,Ash,Peita,Flibberty bobs,Raine,Liz,Angie,Lis,Lauren,Sakina,Patty,Dani,Abby,Elle,Peachers,Mara,Jen,Ale,Viry,Tammi and Amber Oo and Jo.

Think that's everyone,if I've missed anyone out you can think of then let me know.

Thankya! and email to either hatter-franz@hotmail.co.uk OR icklemadhatter@aol.com

El Beardo...your awards master. *nods*

6/6/05 09:27 pm - my_hatterness - A chance for all to vote.

Tis me again! decided that since both Raine n Panda wouldn'tbe here to vote on the 15th of June that I would change the date and just make it so the HP'er Awards of 2005 officially start now! As ya have already guessed from my post on the board.

Anywho..here are the categories once again! A quick run through of the rules again.

Please please try not n miss out nominating anyone in categories,you can't nominate anyone who doesn't post in HP on a semi regular basis..because well..there not HP Badgerettes,get your votes in ASAP as you can. You can also nominate someone more than once,as many times as ya like,nominate yourself,and if ya have trouble choosing just one person you can pick two people for a category!

Then send your emails into hatter-franz@hotmail.co.uk. MY aol is being a bitch.

if anyone needs a list of every HP'er eligable for nomination then just ask me and i'll post it here too.

Right,think that's all! And without further a do..here are the categories!

HP'er with the most mindbogginly great theories on Harry Potter.

Marfiest HP'er. *marfs*

HP'er who's the Biggest Portuch of Sean.

Funniest HP'er.

Nicest HP'er!

Smelliest HP'er...this badger smells so bad. *shakes head*

Best double act HP'ers! (You obviously pick two people for this award)

Most resourceful HP'er when it comes to helping others with things Harry Potter related.

Most knowledgeable about Harry Potter HP'er.

HP'er most likely to write a book.

Most creative and inspiring HP'er.

HP'er with best use of the phrase "n shit"!

HP'er most likely to take over the world!

Biggest Post Whore HP'er.

And you can also pick someone more than once.

Carol aka "The Beard"

6/5/05 09:14 pm - my_hatterness - Not long to go!

Why hello HP'ers! my first time posting here!!

Anywho...just figured I would post to confirm that the HP awards will be held on June 15th! i'll post the categories in the HP section and here too on that day. Then as usual you will copy/paste the categories into an email to me Icklemadhatter@aol.com with whomever you picked for each category.


1.Every category has to be answered,it makes things much easier!
2.If you have trouble picking one person then you are allowed during the 1st round of nominations to pick 2 people for a category.
3.Have your nominations into me by June 26th.
4.You don't need to nominate if you don't have the time or if your going away like our dear Raine. It's perfectly cool.
5.You can only nominate HP'ers,which is those badgers who post in the HP section on a semi regular basis. I'll post all names of everyone who can be nominated incase you end up forgetting everyone.
6.and the FINAL rule is...*drum roll* Panda smells.

Carol aka "The Beard"

4/12/05 11:47 pm - dramedy - LJ icon/banner ideas?

Didyou all see what I posted on the boards?

myidea, I wanna make some icons and banners. I had the idea of making a collage slide icon of all of us. so like, for the one slide i made for carol, it says "a beard". and Kai's says "a dragon and her child..." and peachers..."A peach..." mine "a Luv-ly girl..."

all i want,
Feedback-what you REALLY think
Pictures-either of you, or something to represent you.
what you would like your slide to say(short and simple please. see examples)
ideas-what would you like to have me make, iconwise? any banners? be my muses, giveme ideas, and i will create.

i gotta go! I'm going to tokyo! and DISNEY SEA! *fangirls Disney like the sad little girl she is inside*...
I have tink pajama pants.

I'll see you all sunday/monday night<3

Luv, AKA Lauren Reid

4/10/05 05:26 pm - flibbertyjibs - toast.

hello, loves.


4/4/05 03:50 pm - dog_lover04 - Hey sexy ladies!

Hello all. I thought I would introduce myself seeing how you guys probably don't know who I am. I am none other than the one...the only... Peanut the Mexican! And I've come to join the party! *dances on the table* Just wanted to say hi to you all so ummm...HI! Okay gotta go to work in a bit so I'm off to get ready. Later!

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